Accommodations Policy


To manage and control the allowance of accommodations for learners that require assistance with specific assessments.


All accommodation applications require learners to supply the school with written reports from specialists. Additional forms and documentation may be required when applying for accommodations. These forms may include reports from the learner’s current teachers. Approval is on a case-by-case basis and there are no guarantees.


The IEB (Independent Examinations Board) allows learners to apply for accommodations (concessions) if they are in Grade 8-12. Learners must supply all the relevant documentation to the school and pay the application fee before the school can apply for the required concession(s). Accommodations take 12 weeks to be processed and St Declan’s will allow learners the accommodations as soon as the IEB has informed the school that the accommodation has been approved. No accommodations will be approved by St Declan’s staff, the IEB will deal with all accommodation applications.


St Declan’s required learners to complete an educational assessment through the school appointed educational specialist. The school will consider each accommodation application and inform the parents whether the application has been approved or denied. Learners that are given accommodations in primary school are not ensured they will be given the same accommodation in high school as learners will be required to apply for accommodations through the IEB. Accommodations will only be approved for two years, and learners must reapply every two years. Specialist reports must be completed within the year of application. Grade 7 learner accommodations will not extend to Grade 8. Please refer to the High School accommodations part of this policy. 

Each Teacher must complete the “Teacher Comment for Accommodation” form. These must be completed by the learner’s English, Afrikaans and Mathematics teachers.

Grade RRR-3 learner accommodations will be monitored by the register teacher and implemented on specific assessment tasks as these learners do not complete June or November Examinations. Accommodations granted in Grade 3 must be reapplied for in Grade 4, following the above procedure.

Specialist reports must be submitted to the HOD of the phase before the accommodation can be considered. Each learner’s application will be decided on by the Head of Academics. Applications must be made at least 3 weeks before the assessment for which the accommodation is required.

Some accommodations may require parents to pay towards the cost of the accommodation, including but not limited to scribe, reader, and extra invigilator.


Accommodations will only be given for June and November Examinations. No accommodations will be given for any other Formal Assessment.


St Declan’s can only accommodate the following types of accommodations:

• Handwriting
• Reader
• Scribe
• Extra time (5, 10 or 15 minutes per hour)
• Medication/food intake
• Separate venue
• Earplugs
• Spelling